Holiday Goodness Challenge

Times are tough, times are hard. Nobody’s denying it. Certainly not me.

In this tough–okay, scary–economy charities are taking the hit hardest of all. Charities with missions focused on our four-legged friends are taking a particularly painful hit.

In keeping with the holiday spirit of counting my many blessings, and celebrating the publication of Every Breath You Take…, my latest Harlequin Blaze release, I’d like to give ten of you a complimentary copy of Vanquished.

The first ten readers who make a donation of at least $10 to the ASPCA will receive a free signed copy of Vanquished, the first of my “Men of Roxbury House” trilogy. My wonderful publisher, Medallion Press is donating the books, and I’ll be covering the cost of shipping.

Founded in 1866, The “A” is the first humane organization not only in this country but in the Western Hemisphere. $100 will cover the rescue, shelter, feeding and care of a formerly stray, homeless, or rescued dog or cat for a month. That’s $10 from ten people–ten of you.

In addition to donating online, you can snail mail your check to:

The ASPCA, 424 East 92nd Street, New York, NY 10128-6804

For verification, I’ll need you to send me three things: 1) a photocopy of your donation receipt, 2) the name of the person to whom you’d like the book inscribed, and 3) an address label with your snail mail address to PO Box 1344, New York, NY 10276. Once we reach our $100 goal, I’ll post the glad tidyings here along with the first names, surname initial and home state of the ten generous souls who stepped up to the plate first.

My goal isn’t to save the world, or even the whole Companion Animal Kingdom, much as I’d love to do just that. But not being able to save everyone and everything shouldn’t be our collective excuse for saving no one and nothing. None of us can save the world, at least not all on our own. But each of us has the power, the goodness, resident within us to save our small corner of it.

Peace and Love, Purring and Fetching,


12 thoughts on “Holiday Goodness Challenge

  1. Hi, Hope! I’m here via Heidi. This is a great promo, and I’ll spread the word. I made honor gifts for my mother (feral cat rescuer) and sister (fighting dog rescuer).

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks so much for your tremendous support. Your mom and sis are my personal heroes. I’m a former feral and stray cat rescuer, but since moving to Manhattan, I’ve had to table that–no room at the inn, or in this case the apartment. So, until I can get back in the proverbial trenches, this is one small way I can give back.

    Please send or email me your donation receipts. I’d love to send autographed copies to your mom and sis as well as you. If that sounds good, just email me their names at [email protected].

    Happy, happy! Hope

  3. I’m so glad I checked e-mail today! I’m also glad that some of my Christmas money is going to good use! People always forget our furry friends! I can’t imagine life without my little rescues. Hey Holly, get back in the trenches lady! We need you! lol Just teasing, we all do what we can. It’s great you’re doing this! I loved what you say at the tail end of your post about saving our small corners in the world. It’s what I tell everyone. It’s earned me the nick name of sunshine tree hugger and I wear it proudly. I don’t push my views on others, but I do try to push a smile or two their way and maybe they’ll pass on the good. I’m so happy to see other people that feel like I do! I know I’ve been wordy, but it’s so exciting that I can make Christmas money keep on giving! Well, Merry Christmas to all and I hope that the New Year brings everyone (and the baby critter pals too!!) much happiness, health,love and joy. Oh and if it brings you a furry or not so furry pal or two, you’re ahead of the game! 🙂

  4. :: bangs head :: Yanno, I’m so inundated with Christmas that I called you Holly. Sheesh. In my defense Hope, it was the name of this cute kid in the Christmas movie I had on in the background. Sorry about that! I’m such a dork! lol!

  5. LOL, Madelina, a rose by any name and all that. 😉
    No worries and thanks in advance for supporting the Goodness Challenge.

    It’s so warming to hear from like-minded people who care about conditions and creatures beyond themselves, year-round but at winter holiday time especially. Please keep pushing those smiles–the world needs them!

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