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Praise for Irish Eyes

Well done to Hope C. Tarr for a magical journey, so grueling, so full of optimistic belief, in the hope of a better future. I loved Rose and how she fought for her own strength within herself."

- Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, Bestselling author of HER HEART FOR A COMPASS

With Irish Eyes, Tarr delivers an expansive, breathtaking tale centered around Rose O'Neill, a fierce Irish immigrant who’s determined to succeed. Rose’s voice is eloquent and lyrical, the writing glorious, and the historical detail superb."

- Fiona Davis, NYT bestselling author of THE SPECTACULAR

LOVED this book - fascinating insight into the early days of the Irish in America. A feisty strong-willed heroine in the hands of an experienced confident author. Full of warmth and romance and humour, a wonderful read.

- Kate Kerrigan, New York Times bestselling author of the Ellis Island Trilogy

Hope Tarr's IRISH EYES is romantic, lyrical, and rich with historical detail. Readers will root for the brave Rose as she navigates the immigrant experience in an ever-expanding New York City. A compelling read!"

- Heather Webb, USA Today bestselling author of THE NEXT SHIP HOME

Readers will race to the end, not wanting to put this book down. Tarr writes beautifully, with great pacing, settings, sensitive love scenes, plot twists, just the right amount of period-specific language, and a superb epilogue...The American Songbook series is off to a great start. Highly recommended."

- The Historical Novel Society, Marlie Wasserman

Hope C. Tarr's Irish Eyes is a treat for lovers of New York City history, Irish American culture, and second-chance romance. From the wild Aran Islands to the gritty tenements of the Lower East Side, and from the gilded ballrooms of high society to the terrifying infernos of workplace fires, Tarr transports us to the world of Rose O'Neill, as she arrives in a new country seeking answers from the man she loves, but soon finds herself forging an unexpected path towards her own American Dream."

- Finola Austin, Author of BRONTË'S MISTRESS

Irish Eyes was one of the best books I ever read! Absolutely brilliant."

- Barb Batlan-Massabrook, Tartan Book Reviews

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For IRISH EYES, Hope has created a unique guide of nearly 20 questions to help get the book party started.

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