Weekend On Tap–Oscar, Oscar!

Okay, so Christmas and Hanukkah, New Year’s, and most recently Valentine’s Day are done deals and now it feels like we’re all on one giant countdown to spring.

But even bundled beneath the layers, there’s fun to be had, and Yours Truly has a great weekend on tap. On Saturday I have a date a deux with my good buddy, Dee. It’s Dee’s birthday and I have a hopefully fun and special evening planned for my dear Aquarian friend. I’d say more, but I don’t want to give away any surprises. (I’d say “buckle up, Dee,” but we’ll be walking and cabbing, so no worries).

Sunday night will be the The 81st Annual Academy Awards AKA Oscars AKA Hope’s Super Bowl. Author buddy and fellow Lady Jane’s Salon co-founder, Maya Rodale is hosting a small soiree chez elle and yeppers, I’ll be there with bells and boa. We’ll kick off the festivities with the 6:00 PM pre-show where celebs glide (in some cases stumble) down the red carpet in their designer duds later to be dissed or praised–fashion as blood sport, I love it!– and stay tuned through the bleary-eyed end when Best Picture is announced. Maya’s even doing a mini betting pool for the various categories–brilliance. I’m betting Slumdog Millionaire will sweep the awards, which given the film’s ten nominations seems like a pretty safe bet. Per Best Actor, it’s tough competition but Mickey Rourke is a strong contender, so to speak–and even The Academy loves a come-back kid. Of course, Brad Pitt was also amazing as the lead in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, demonstrating he’s much more than a pretty face. And per Button, if that film doesn’t bring home the gold for Visual Effects and Makeup, I won’t know what to think.

Assuming I can think. Uber yummy Aussie actor, Hugh Jackman is hosting, a bold departure from Oscar’s tradition of having a comedian as emcee. We’ll see how Hugh does but based on the preview commercials showing him in that tux, he won’t have to do all that much.

Okay, enough Oscar dishing from me. Anybody else planning to tune in?


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