Sizzling Summer: New Contest

Summer is beach read season. If you’re bound for the beach or even a beach towel somewhere outside, I want to give you a copy of Bound to Please to bring with you.

Look for TWELVE NIGHTS, the sequel, December 2009.

When I was a kid, summer meant smelling the charcoal of barbecue grills being fired up, getting to stay up that precious extra hour, and playing flash light tag until the neighborhood mom-on-duty all but dragged us inside. (“Mom, just five more minutes, pul-ease!“)

Since my move to Manhattan, summer has a different resonance but resonate it does–strolling through street fairs, picnicking in Bryant Park on free film nights, and lingering at outdoor cafe tables long after the plates are cleared.

Summer is for fun. And just for fun, every two weeks through the end of August, I will give away a copy of Bound to Please to one lucky commenter on my blog. Unlike my usual contest, there’s no excerpt to read, no right or wrong answer to give. Instead every two weeks I will post a new blog post calling out for a specific comment. All you need do is pipe up and post. Once the winner is announced–you–email me with your snail mail address, and I’ll send you your copy of Bound to Please. That’s it.

Hope (Far L) at Coney Island last summer with RWA/NYC friends, including Karen Cino & Elizabeth Mahon (Far R).
Hope (Far L) at Coney Island last summer with RWA/NYC friends, including Karen Cino & Elizabeth Mahon (Far R).

Already have Bound to Please? If so, let me know, and I’ll donate your contest copy to Share The Love and brighten the day of a woman transitioning from tough times.

As my friend and StL founder Maya Rodale says, “everyone deserves the pleasure of a good story.”

It’s a big online world made smaller when we all keep in touch.

Happy Summer!


12 thoughts on “Sizzling Summer: New Contest

  1. The place was so small we would have missed it if not for the drunken sailors by the door. Happy hour 9 till 11 AM, no food but Angel will order it in for you…

  2. My best summers were spent on Lake Huron. Truly it was a reading time- I’d read late until I couldn’t keep my eyes open then read again in the am til the family got up and going. Even then Avon had great romances…I read Grace Livingstone Hill all winter from the church library but the church at the cottage didn’t have a library so I could go to the ‘real’ one in town. They were so nice to let a cottage have a library card… don’t know what I’d have done without all those books to keep me company. With 3 brothers, I was always the loner so my romances filled my need for relationships. 8~)
    Now if I read at the cottage I feel guilty because my son is only home from the UK for a short holiday and I feel like I’m taking up quality time with him for me-time so I am reading… my new Hope Tarr’s are here so I’ll get to them asap 8~)
    Happy Summer

  3. I love summer!!! Baseball,smell of fresh cut hay in the fields, Crops growing in the fields. BBQ outside, county fairs, I could go on and on and on. And getting to read outside in the morning when it is not so hot and kinda of cool.

  4. I can’t wait for summer. Days on the River. Husband and daughter enjoying the boats and seadoos and me just sitting on the beach reading my little heart out and enjoying the peace and heat.

  5. I know what you mean. Lois. Reading on the beach is awesome. I’m usually very active but get me to the surf and sand and all I want to do is plunk down on a towel and read and stare out onto the water and yes, dream.

  6. I love summer. Being outdoors and watching the squirrels climb the trees, the deer eating my flowers, the wild turkeys eating my grass, the wild geese fertilizing my lawn, and the wonderful sound of the birds. Summer life is so full of nature’s pleasures. Have a great summer everyone.

  7. LOL, Cheryl, it sounds like the four legged ones keep you plenty busy. I love sunflowers but the last time I planted them, I stood at my kitchen window as one by one the squirrels lopped off the flower heads. Ditto for my tomato plants. I don’t mind sharing by sheesh…

  8. Summer is awesome so far!!! Can’t get much better! Well… if I win… Hehehehe 🙂

  9. Glad you’re having an awesome summer, Sharon. Me, too. My only “complaint” is that it’s going by way too fast.

  10. Summer – love summer at the beach. Growing up near Destin and Blue Mountain 25 years ago was the best…the beach was wild and stretched for miles with few homes. My friends and I would spent the whole day just lazing around reading, playing music and working on our tans! Every September us girls get together for a “girls” weekend and “go back”to the beach and talk about all the good times we had. Happiest when reading…

  11. Debra, sounds like summer is your season. How cool that you and your friends have an annual September reunion weekend. Girlfriend time like that is the best.

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