Congratulations Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Linda Henderson, the latest and last ((sniff, sniff)) of my Sizzlin’ Summer Contest winners.

Sad as I am to see summer go, I’m also super excited for fall and yes, my new contest.

To ramp up for the release of Twelve Nights, this time ’round we’ll have double the winners and double the prize. Two winners will each receive a signed copy of Bound to Please (in which we briefly meet the hero and heroine of Twelve Nights) and a signed copy of my New Year’s theme release, Strokes of Midnight. Visit my contest page and enter to win. Hope 

2 thoughts on “Congratulations Contest Winner!

  1. Thank you very much. I hope you have had a great summer. Did your pictures come out OK ?

    Linda Henderson

  2. You’re most welcome Linda and yes, even after deleting the many (many) shots ruined by my blinking, we got a nice bumper crop of good ones. You’ll get to see the before/after retouch on the third and final installment of Nekkid Truth.

    I’m hopeful that by month’s end we’ll have a refresh of the web site proper, including integrating the new photos. The ones with the cat kids are sooooooo cute. It was a hot day even with the AC on and they were like little limp sand bags in my arms. The temperature made for compliant models, for sure. 😉

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