Signed Copies of THE TUTOR

Ever a woman of my word, I took time over the Independence Day Holiday weekend to visit my local booksellers and sign copies of The Tutor. If you’re in New York City over the next few weeks, you can find autographed copies at the following brick-and-mortar bookstores:

Borders Stores:

Manhattan/Wall Street, 100 Broadway, 212.964.1988

Manhattan, 32nd St. & 2nd Avenue, 212.685.3938

Manhattan, Penn Plaza, 2 Penn Plaza (adjacent to Madison Square Garden), 212.244.1814

Manhattan, Park Avenue, 461 Park Avenue, 212.980.6785

Manhattan, Columbus Circle, 10 Columbus Circle, 212.823.9775

Barnes & Nobles:

Greenwich Village, 396 Avenue of the Americas

Manhattan, 555 Fifth Avenue

Citigroup Center, 160 East 54th Street

Brooklyn, Park Slope, 267 7th Avenue

Posman Books, Grand Central Station

Not in New York? No worries. Send me a self-addressed envelope with 44 cents return postage, and it will be my pleasure to mail you a signed book plate.

Hope Tarr

PO Box 1344

New York, NY 10276

Stay cool!