Happy Thanksgiving

I’m just back from Baltimore where I celebrated Thanksgiving early with my mom and then spent several wonderful hours visiting with my friends, Mike and Lisa and yes, getting to meet for the very first time their not quite month-old twin girls.

For the day itself, I plan to mix old traditions with new ones. I’ll take in a bit of the famous Thanksgiving Day Parade–I mean, when in Rome–and then later I’m meeting up with a friend to see the new Hugh Jackman-Nicole Kidman epic flick “Australia.” A movie about Australia actually acted by Australians–how novel! Afterward, any feasting will more likely take the form of smoked salmon than traditional turkey bird but you know, that’s okay.

As I get ahem…older, I realize we each have two families, the one we’re born into and the one we create for ourselves along the way. And on this most special day, I’m mindful of how very thankful I am for both.

Happy Thanksgiving,


3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Happy (day after) Turkey Day!
    I think alot of people need to remember just to be thankful for the people in our lives who love us.
    That and the turkey coma we go in after eating so much!

  2. i just want to say to hope tarr, that ive been reading harlequinn books since i was 16 years old (43 now). i just love reading, but i came across one of her books at the library and check it out, it is called the haunting, this is the first book i read that had a ghost as a main character,this book was the very best book i ever read so far,it felt so real when i was reading it. the other character died of sole searching true love, i never read a ending like that. hope you are my very best author. keep on writing.

  3. Karen,

    Many, many thanks for your kind words. THE HAUNTING was and is a very special book for me. I’m so glad that depth of feeling apparently came across.

    Holiday Blessings…

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