Facebook Frolics and Spam Snafus

I was chatting with a friend the other day, who asked me if I happened to know how to delete a Facebook post. “Sure,” I answered without hesitating and went on to tell her how.

Afterward, the “wow” factor hit me like a wave! I really do know how to delete FB posts as well as do lots o’ other super cool “techie” stuffs that today’s typical teenager (or toddler, even) takes for granted. Like uploading photos. And linking to videos. And attaching “thumbnails” of my blog to my FB “status reports.” For someone whose fingers were once stained with the purplish blue ink of carbon paper, I have more than awakened to smell the cyber cafe coffee.

I have, dare I say, arrived.

It’s been a long, strange trip from those Dark Ages days of Ye Ole Smith Carona typewriter, mimeograph machines, and the personal fax (facsimile) machine as a coveted luxury item. And so I beseech you: be gentle with me.

To those of my Facebook friends who have sent me Super Pokes, invitations to Slide Space Fun, or who have otherwise offered to share videos with me and rake my um…”sea” garden, please know I appreciate the props. If you’re wondering why I haven’t responded, I could point out that there are but twenty-four hours in a day. Truthfully, I don’t technically know what those things are, though they do sound vaguely, deliciously dirty.

Likewise, I find the preponderance of spam emails promising that “women will be amazed when you drop your pants” somewhere between vaguely unsettling and moribundly mortifying. Thank goodness my high school locker room days are long behind me.

I’d say more on the subject and perhaps I will–right after I log on to Facebook and check my “wall.”

Happy Memorial Day,


PS Mid-May contest winner announcement forthcoming, so please check back post-holiday.

3 thoughts on “Facebook Frolics and Spam Snafus

  1. I just signed on to Twitter a few weeks ago, Dan. I’ve posted all of once. My two “followers” probably think I never leave my apartment.

  2. Yay! I just followed you with both of my Twitter identities. One toy you might check out is http://twitterfeed.com/ which you can set up to automatically create a tweet (Twitter post) whenever you post to your blog. Then you’re twittering without even trying!

    Beyond that, I implore you, STAY AWAY FROM TWITTER! It is addictive, time-consuming and never-ending! You’ll spend far too much time there if you give in to the temptation.

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