Congratulations Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Maribeth Curry, my first (but not last) Sizzling Summer Contest Winner. Maribeth, please email me your snail mail information offline at [email protected] and I’ll get your signed copy of Bound to Please in the mail ASAP.

Didn’t win this time ’round? No worries. Sizzling Summer Part II starts up today through July 18th. Same prize, a signed copy of Bound to Please, and once again, to enter all you have to do is post a response to the following new question:

What is your favorite guilty (or not so guilty) summertime pleasure?


18 thoughts on “Congratulations Contest Winner!

  1. My best summer time pleasure is going to county fairs and tractor pullss!!! Yes, I’m a country girl all around!!! I love that stuff!!!

  2. a guilty pleasure humm well thats kind aeasy lazing about in the airconditioning reading books or going to a swimming hole and swimming tho i do the reading more then the swimming me and the sun dont get along

  3. My guilty summertime pleasure is sitting outdoors with a big bowl of cherries and eating them all myself, spitting the seeds across the lawn.

    If I happen to have some ice cream with it, that’s even guiltier!

    I introduced my toddler son to cherries today and he likes them as much as I do, so I think I might have to sneak my cherry fix in future.

  4. I love sitting outdoors in my garden with a cup of coffee and some chocolate, reading and forgetting everything else…

  5. These are so great. When I was a kid, my dad and I would have watermelon for dessert just about every night and it always, always involved a contest to see which of us could spit their seeds the farthest–well, once my mother went upstairs, anyway. 😉

  6. Swimming and eating watermelon and cantaloupe. I love the summer. It’s the only time I get to eat those and garden tomatoes.
    Have a Happy 4th.

  7. I have to go with eating watermelon as my summer pleasure or swimming. Not terribly original. LOL

  8. Kimmy, I *love* cantaloupe. Actually, it’s my fav melon and possibly overall fav fruit.

    As for ice cream, KH’s fav, rocky road is always tasty. I usually get my fix via the Mister Softee truck–small vanilla soft-serve (boring but I like it). When I do step it up, I love peppermint stick (so refreshing) or butter pecan–because if you’re going to have high fat, high cal ice cream, might as well ramp it up with buttah, too! 🙂

  9. My summertime pleasure is reading.I don’t know what it is about the weather, but summertime really brings out the bookworm in me 🙂

  10. I know what you mean, Chelsea. Some of my fondest summer memories growing up aren’t of being outside but inside: doing a belly flop over my grandmom’s bed reading romance novels.

  11. My absolutely most favourite summer activity in the whole wide world is getting a novella accepted for publication such as I got notification of this morning!!! I’m so excited I can’t even be bothered how to say this in a grammatically correct way! WHEEEEEE!

  12. Favorite guilty summer pleasure…so many….but I would choose napping on the hammock.

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