Nekkid Truth, Part I: Princess for a Day

The photos from Friday’s shoot with uber wonderful photographer, Biz Urban are in and FYI, the woman is equal parts saint and wizard. In the course of five plus hours, she put up with my blinking problem, perennially crooked smile, and the wilting heat and still managed to get some good shots. 

Ground Zero AKA my local Aveda Salon.
Ground Zero AKA my local Aveda Salon.

Some really good shots.

We’ll be posting said gems…anon, namely after I get my current book proposal in. Alas, this writing gig is really messing with my modeling career!

Getting in touch with my Inner Princess is fun!

For now and as promised, I’m getting my Jamie Lee Curtis on and showing you the unexpurgated me–as in wet hair, no makeup, and scariest of all, no photo retouching!

Next stop: makeup!


Not a throne but close enough...
Forehead much? I am so dialing this down when I get home!

PS All behind-the-scenes photos courtesy of Biz Urban–did I mention, she’s a saint!

2 thoughts on “Nekkid Truth, Part I: Princess for a Day

  1. You know I don’t say this in any way to suck up but there are some people that look good without makeup and you are one of them. Of course makeup helps us all. But you still look good without it. I don’t leave the house without putting my face on. It might scare small children. I look like the undead. I don’t have much color. My daughters used to tell me that they had to put sunglasses on to look at me in shorts because my white legs were blinding. Children can be so kind.

    Linda Henderson

  2. Thanks, Linda, and fyi, feel free to suck up, up and away! 😉

    Seriously, thank you.

    And yes, the dear little ones do say the darnedest things sometimes. Perhaps next time a gentle reminder that some species do indeed devour their young?


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