Nekkid Truth

Yes, it’s that time. Time to retire my lovely but alas somewhat dated (2006)publicity photos and forge that new photographic frontier: photos that actually look like me. Currently.

To that end, today, all day, I’ll be primping, prepping, and yes preening for new photos by Manhattan photographer, the lovely and talented Biz Urban.

And bonus, we’re going to shoot before as well as after photos with mayhap even some behind-the-scenes tossed in. If we’re lucky, the cats may get into the picture (so to speak), too.

Check back here for the Nekkid Truth: me as God made me with (gulp) four or so decades added on.

Should be most…revealing. 😉



2 thoughts on “Nekkid Truth

  1. My brother was complaining to me last night that they made a mistake on his drivers license and listed him about 40 pounds heavier. I laughed and told him I hadn’t changed the weight on my license in years and there was no way I’d put my current weight on there. I wish they would let you take your own photo to put on your license. Maybe then it wouldn’t look so much like a mug shot. Good luck with your new photos. I’m sure they will be great.

  2. Awesome idea, Linda. Let us all bring in our own mug shots…I mean photos, have someone at DMV verify it’s indeed us, and take it from there. Sign me up! Ditto for passport photos.

    My driver’s license picture is actually “okay.” But the one on my bank issued credit card, the card I use for just about everything, is horrific.

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