Congratulations Contest Winner

Congrats to Elaine Carlini-Davis, my latest Sizzlin’ Summer Contest winner. Elaine, the prize, a signed copy of my Scottish Medieval Blaze, Bound to Please will be on its way to you as soon as you email your contact information to me at [email protected].

Currently underway: yet another chance to win a copy of Bound to Please. This time, reply to any of my blog posts between now and the end of August and be automatically entered to in. Random thoughts welcomed if not encouraged.

But, as they say, there’s more…

I just received my cover for Twelve Nights, the sequel to Bound to Please. Isn’t it pretty!?! Twelve Nights releases this December 2009 in time for Christmas. Sneak peaks, excerpts, behind-the-scenes snippets and related goodness will be posted “anon,” so please don’t be a stranger.


14 thoughts on “Congratulations Contest Winner

  1. If that was too cryptic a question, I see that our strapping Ewan still hasn’t found his shirt between books and I wondered if he found the time to launder his kilt what with all the, I’m sure, vigorous activity of Bound to Please. 🙂

  2. Thanks everyone for the props on the cover. HQ’s wonderful art director comes through for me yet again!

    Dan, you are too funny! I’ll have you know this hero is Ewan’s identical twin (of course he is, right?), Callum, so different man, different kilt.

    I don’t know about the laundering but I have everyone taking lots of baths. I researched “hot rocks” bathing, which those who could partake did in the Middle Ages, incl in Scotland.

    I also know more than anyone should about Medieval tooth powders and early methods of brushing and “flossing.”

    Clean, minty fresh heroes and heroines–if you wants the steam, first you gots to have the clean. 😉

  3. I can’t tell if that is a light or a fire in the background. It should be a fire, that cover is smokin hot. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. I’ll wear my oven mitts.

    Linda Henderson

  4. Yes indeed, there’s a lit fireplace in the background–and a steamy clinched couple in the foreground. Smoking–working with a theme, here. 😉

  5. I love the way they both obviously went to the hairdresser before collapsing in front of the fire !

  6. I know, Carol, isn’t it swell? Between the hot rocks baths and the personal stylists, this Medieval Scotland isn’t such a bad place. 😉

  7. Look forward to adding Twelve Nights to my website come December… and let me be the first to wish you a Happy Christmas!

    … this page includes Every Breath You Take… from the Lust in Translation Series.

    Had to use an alternate site in the web address field as the romance books address is just too long… Kay

  8. LOL, Kay, and a Happy Christmas right back atcha! 😉

    True story: I am working on yet another Christmas themed story, a novella for an anthology with best selling writer buds, Jacquie D’Alessandro and Betina Krahn.

    The stories will be Victorian-set, so to get into the…spirit of the season in yes, August, I’m re-reading Dickens’ A CHRISTMAS CAROL.

    And yes, it feels weird. Really, really weird… 😉

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