In Memoriam: Blake Snyder

Screenwriter Blake Snyder passed away suddenly on Tuesday, August 4th, and I’m struggling to put into words how it is I feel so sad, so personally touched by the loss of someone I knew so little.

Blake Snyder, Photo courtesy of
Blake Snyder. Photo courtesy of

But Blake was, is, that sort of being, a Light Bulb Being. Along with being super talented and successful, charismatic and funny, engaging and dare I say, wise, he had such a…light about him.

I met him at last year’s Romance Writers of America Conference in San Francisco. His mini workshop on adapting one’s romance novel into a screenplay unexpectedly and totally wowed me–and after sixteen years in this business, believe me, I am not easily wowed.

We corresponded occasionally by email. I was always amazed that someone who was such a…Name responded so promptly and so graciously. I think people, all people, just genuinely interested him.

I bought his book, Save the Cat! The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need and was signed up for his two-day screenwriting workshop, which would have taken place next week here in New York City. When the email came through informing workshop registrants of his death, I was stunned. I still am.

What I also am is mindful, wholly mindful, of just how uncertain and yes, infinitely precious our lives are. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the so-so, it’s doesn’t matter, every moment counts. It’s life, our life, and I’m pledging to savor every single second of mine from here on.

Bon Voyage, Blake.


3 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Blake Snyder

  1. Agree about the loss. I saw him 2 years ago at a screenwriting conference and found his seminar to be immensely engaging and valuable. That came through again when I later read his book. I emailed a question through his blog along with a followup to his seminar and got a great response, along with encouragement, a few hours later. That blew me away; I struggle to get through my emails each day, including those from friends and family, and never expected response, let alone one full of support. A class act, and losing a light like his is tear-worthy.

  2. Beautiful words, Hope.

    You are not alone in your expressed feelings about the passing of Blake. He was the most kindhearted, genuine person I’ve probably ever met; and your description of him as a light could not have been more accurate. I’ve spent some one-on-one time with him as well as talked/emailed several times on various topics. To realize that will never happen again really saddens me.

    I’m so thankful for having known him, even though it was for such a short time. I have the privilege of being in the midst of a project that he helped me start and develop, so I’ve got something with which to fuel my writing fires. I’m sure that Blake will continue to light the way! He’ll be missed and was one of the truly good ones.

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