Blogging Today at Lifetime TV’s Romance Buy the Book

Okay, chicks, I’m over today blogging with my editor, Brenda Chin, at Michelle Buonfiglio’s Romance B(u)y the Book at We’ll be visited throughout the day by bestselling authors Jacquie D’Alessandro, Jade Lee, Betina Krahn and latest Blaze Historical author, Patricia Potter.

The post topic: When Size Matters. I’d say more but really, doesn’t that sort of say it all? 😉

And bonus, we’re running a contest. Six separate winners will each receive signed books by Jade Lee (The Tao of Sex), Jacquie D’Alessandro (Jinxed) and Strokes of Midnight and It’s a Wonderfully Sexy Life by yeppers, Yours Truly.

So if you can, hop on over and join Brenda and I as we dish on what’s next for Harlequin’s sexy Blaze Historicals with Michelle B and her “Bellas.” Actually, if you come on over, that makes you a Bella, too.

On the Blogosphere Homefront i.e., “here,” look for upcoming posts on “Life According to Alda,” uber fab actor, director and yes, author Alan Alda whom I got to meet and yes, even actually touch last night and “Dating and Darwinism, The Old-New Frontier.”

So much to blog on, so little time…


3 thoughts on “Blogging Today at Lifetime TV’s Romance Buy the Book

  1. I know, Rane. Alan Alda may be an ageless spirit, but he couldn’t maneuver to get away from me quick like that slippery Benicio! 😉

  2. Hello beautiful! I was finally able to wrestle onto the RBTB site, force it to recognize my password and force it to let me comment loooong after everyone had vanished. But gosh darn it I left a comment anyway. *sigh* Darn Mercury. You did a fabulous job, and it seemed very well-received! Kudos!

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