Vanquished Free E-Book Offer. Yes, F-R-E-E.

There may or may not be “no such thing as a free lunch,” but I’m happy to report that a free book is still occasionally possible.

From Monday, September 12th through Monday, September 26th, VANQUISHED (the launch to my “Men of Roxbury House” trilogy) is available as a free e-book. Across all platforms!

Whether you’re an Amazon Kindle user or a fan of the Barnes & Noble Nook or other e-reader platform, you have two solid weeks to download VANQUISHED. For free.

Obviously my hope is that VANQUISHED will act as a gateway drug to downloading the other two trilogy books, ENSLAVED and UNTAMED but certainly there’s no obligation to do so.

Resist if you must. 😉

Thanks to my wonderful publisher, Medallion Press, for making this offer possible and thereby putting my beloved book in new readers’ hands.

Happy e-Reading,




12 thoughts on “Vanquished Free E-Book Offer. Yes, F-R-E-E.

  1. Just wanted to say that I downloaded VANQUISHED and fell in love with the story. You begin with a crisp, engaging prologue and an empathetic character with real hooks into the history of the time. The story then truly starts with interesting characters and predicaments, well told. So far, ***** (5 stars). My only problem: I can’t turn the pages fast enough on my Kindle!

  2. Ok, so you got me. I loved Vanquished and immediately I’d finished, downloaded Enslaved and Untamed. Loved them too. Now I’d really like to read The Tutor on my Kindle but it’s not available in the UK. Will that change?

  3. Hi Fairmaid:

    I’m so thrilled you enjoyed Vanquished…and ENSLAVED…and UNTAMED!

    Re THE TUTOR in KIndle for the UK, unfortunately I have no idea (or input). That said, I’m betting it will most likely show up in one of those “bundled” anthology editions for Kindle as my previous Harlequin Blaze Historicals have in the past.

    In the meantime, you might enjoy MY LORD JACK and A ROGUE’S PLEASURE, which are available on Amazon UK as Kindle editions. MY LORD JACK is late-Georgian set. A ROGUE’S PLEASURE (my first ever book) is Regency-set.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to post such a nice, and most welcome, message.

  4. Taking advantage of your free e-book offer, I downloaded ‘Vanquished’ to my Kindle just two days ago – tonight I finished the book and must say it has been an absolute pleasure to read. Thank you kindly making your work freely available to a wider audience like this and for the hours of entertainment I derived from your hard work – I cannot resist purchasing the other two books and will do so in the coming days. Best wishes and please keep up the writing!

  5. Thanks for replying, Hope. I’ll keep my eye out for The Tutor on Kindle – or I may just revert to print on this occasion since I really loved the Roxbury trilogy and would like to follow the characters onwards.
    In the meantime, I shall indeed try the other two titles you mention. Decidedly curious about how one writes a vegetarian, virgin hangman!

  6. Most kind of you, Mr B Smith. I must share credit with my wonderful publisher, Medallion Press, which came up with the idea. I’m just so thrilled by the positive response and kind comments, notably yours. 🙂

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