Amazon, IPG & My Men of Roxbury House

Earlier in the week, Amazon and the Independent Publishers Group (IPG), a Chicago-based book distributor that provides print and electronic books to retailers such as Amazon, broke off contract negotiations. The sticking point has to do with the terms impacting profit margins for e-books. Those who care to can read more about the situation as reported by the New York Times blog.

Amazon has removed all its Kindle order links for e-books distributed by IPG, including those for my Men of Roxbury House trilogy: Vanquished, Enslaved and Untamed.  Note: the print versions of all three books remain available for purchase on the site.

But as in any good romance novel, all is not lost, not unless we let it be. You can still purchase  my trilogy e-books through Barnes & Noble’s Nook Store, Apple’s iTunes, Google Books, Sony’s Reader Store, and other online retailers. And Kindle Fire users can download the titles by using almost any e-reader app and purchasing the EPUB and PDF editions from the aforementioned retailers. Below are the direct order links:

Vanquished for Nook

Vanquished for iTunes

Vanquished for Google Books

Vanquished for Sony


Enslaved for Nook

Enslaved for iTunes

Enslaved for Google Books

Enslaved for Sony


Untamed for Nook

Untamed for iTunes

Untamed for Google Books

Untamed for Sony

And of course, Tempting, republished this month as a digital-first book, remains available everywhere. 🙂

Some days we have to work a little harder for our Happily Ever After but the rainbow at the end remains just as bright.


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