If the Slipper Fits…

Photo: "Cinderella," Disney, 1950.

OK, so those of you who keep in touch with me via Facebook and Twitter know I’m all kinds of aflutter over selling my Suddenly Cinderella Series to uber fab digital-first publisher, Entangled.

Even so, there comes a time once deals are struck and contracts are inked that as writers we must descend from our swirling pink clouds to terra firma and well, write some stuff.

But before the writing, mes cheres, comes the research and depending on your subject, that can be the very best part. In the case of my Suddenly Cinderella Series, the plot device that connects all three books is shoes!

1930's vintage velvet peep toe heels from Saks Fifth Avenue. Photo: Etsy.com.

Behold my very own take on Cinderella slippers, late 1930’s vintage red velvet evening shoes from the legendary Saks Fifth Avenue. In the spirit of “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” these princess worthy heels will be passed among my three heroines, starting with women’s magazine editor, Macie Graham of OPERATION CINDERELLA, coming this October ’12, then going to fashion photographer Francesca St. James (PROJECT CINDERELLA) and lastly to plus-size personal chef Stefanie Stefanopoulos (THE CINDERELLA CAPER).

How can one pair of high fashion heels fit all three heroines? Well, for starters, they’re magical shoes. (In the words–word–of ever-eloquent actor Charlie Sheen, “Duh!”) Secondly they’re strappy, not enclosed, so there’s more wiggle room, so to speak. Lastly, if we can suspend our disbelief and accept that a single pair of jeans–jeans for gosh sake–can be worn by multiple women, shoe sharing should be a snap.

For now, join me in playing dress up!


4 thoughts on “If the Slipper Fits…

  1. I KNOW, me, too. We could work out a shoe-share, perhaps. Size 8 but probably the sizing would be more comparable to a 7 today.

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