Congratulations, Contest Winners

Congratulations to Tracey T of Gassaway, WV, Karen H of Colorado Springs, CO, and Jessica P of Norman, OK who knew that in Every Breath You Take, Cole saw that the old Alex was still there from the glimmer in her eyes.

The three winners will each receive coverflat keepsakes for my Victorian-set historical, Untamed and TWO signed copies of Strokes at Midnight — my winter holiday Blaze — one for themselves and one inscribed to a person of the winner’s choosing, perfect for a sweet and easy holiday gift.

And if you didn’t win this time ’round, don’t despair. Check out my new contest, which just started yesterday.

Let the merry making begin…


Book Expo America 2008

Sometimes you don’t actually have to be in the limelight to um…be in the limelight.

This year’s Book Expo America took place in Los Angeles. BEA is the largest publishing trade fair in the country, comparable to the Frankfurt and London Book Fairs. BEA is a great way for an author to build buzz for her book by connecting with publishing professionals–distributors, reviewers from Publishers Weekly and the like, publisher sales reps, and the list goes on and on.

For several years, I’ve been a regular participant, signing my books in both the Expo’s in-booth and “ticketed” forums. For various reasons (hint: do you hear “deadline” bursting out of my thought bubble?) I wasn’t able to attend this year’s show.

Imagine my delight when folks who did go started emailing me notes and yes, photos of the large–and I mean huge–backlit poster for BOUND TO PLEASE fronting the entrance to the Harlequin booth alongside Linda Lael Miller’s latest. Who knew!

To add another shmeer of cream cheese to the bagel, my other wonderful publisher, Medallion Press, had complimentary copies of all three of my Men of Roxbury House books: Vanquished, Enslaved, and Untamed prominently displayed in its booth.

I may not have gotten to go to all the great parties or rub elbows with the publishing brass this year but in a way, I was there. My characters certainly were. Party animals all, I’m sure they had a fab time. 😉



Congratulations to the winners of my April-May contest: Paula H of Norfolk, VA; Gail H of Junction, KY and Loretta W of Buckeye, AZ. All three winners knew that in Bound to Please, Ewan and Brianna play chess to pass the time while he’s held captive. (Okay, well that’s one of the ways they pass the time). 😉 As always, the answer could be found in the Helpful Hint excerpt included on the Contest page.

Paula, Gail and Loretta will each receive a signed copy of my most recent contemporary Harlequin Blaze, Strokes of Midnight as well as a signed cover flat keepsake for Untamed, the finale to my Men of Roxbury House historical trilogy.

Didn’t win this time ’round? Don’t give up! I have a great contest running from June 2nd through the 29th. The GRand Prize prize is an autographed copy of my paranormal Blaze, The Haunting along with a signed copy of bestseller Monica McCarty’s fabulous debut novel, Highlander Untamed. Two additional winners will each receive a signed copy of Vanquished, the kick-off to my Men of Roxbury House trilogy as well as a cover flat keepsake for one of my other books.

Many thanks to all who time out to visit the site and enter.


Contests Galore!

Hi All,

It’s cold and windy here in NYC but spring is on its way (it is!), and it seems contests are cropping up like those yet-to-be-seen springtime flowers. Best-selling romance novelist, Samantha James is running a super contest from her web site starting March 25th. Twenty contest winners will be chosen beginning the day after the contest, and continue into April. There will be more than 150 winners, and best of all, most winners won’t need to wait a whole month before they get their prizes!

Included among the giveaways are coverflat keepsakes for Untamed and yes, an autographed copy of Vanquished.

Also, Diesel E-books is carrying copies of my Harlequin Blaze books and offering a 20 percent off coupon, so if you prefer your palm pilot to print, please take two ticks to check it out.


Latest Special Contest Winner

Congratulations to Janice M of Virginia Beach, VA, who correctly answered my contest question regarding the color of Lady Kate’s eyes in Untamed: amber. Janice’s prize is a signed copy of Kathryn Caskie’s latest release, How to Seduce a Duke.

The winners of my final March special contest and grand prize will be drawn on March 30th, so if you haven’t yet entered, please take a moment and do. Like one state lottery slogan says, “You gotta play to win.” 😉


Welcome to Fabulous February–and Marvelous March

Hi Everyone,

To celebrate February, the official Month of Love, as well as the release of Untamed, my “Men of Roxbury House” trilogy finale, I’m running a *series* of very special contests through the end of March–with a little help from my friends. Along with my book, you’ll have the opportunity to win the latest romance reads from Julia Quinn, Kathryn Caskie, and Eloisa James. Click over to my contest page for details on how to enter–and win.

Wishing you a February filled with (chocolate) kisses,


Celebrating a Life Well-Lived

Last night my friend, Barbara, passed away. I say “passed away,” not died, because it’s my personal belief that energy never really dies but instead changes forms. And hers is a big spirit, huge. Something so wild and beautiful and free doesn’t ever die. It just doesn’t.

I’d say Barbara was my best friend, but I’m not in the habit of ranking my relationships. Suffice it to say we were tight. She wasn’t only a girlfriend in the peer sense. She was–and is–a mentor, a soul mate, and yes, my very dear friend.

When I got The Call from her son, also my friend, it was creeping up on one AM. I was still up, though, if not wide awake then certainly wired, writing. Because the manuscript for my next book, UNTAMED, the finale to my Men of Roxbury House series is late. Not egregiously late or shockingly late, not the kind of writer’s blocked lateness that results in pushed up pub dates and editor frenzy, but a week late. And at the moment, I don’t really care.

I shut off the computer and met a small group of my friends at a local bar still open in our otherwise roll-up-the-sidewalks early-to-bed small town. We had a drink, a drink for Barbara, and then we went back to our friend Tim’s house and had another round in the timeless quiet of his 1800’s living room.

But mainly we talked. Barbara’s three adult children who have been her round-the-clock caretakers for the past three weeks shared something of what that had been like, including some of the moments of dark humor involved in physical dying. But mostly we celebrated life, Barbara’s life, and the profound ways she had touched us as parent, mentor, lover, and friend. In the course of the next two hours, her one musician son shared the song he’d written for her and then our musician friend, Tim sang the one he’d written, too. We cried some but we laughed even more as well as smiled at all the many memories. Above all we celebrated a life, Barbara’s life. A Life Well Lived.

Sitting there last night amongst dear friends, it struck me that it’s not the deadlines met or missed, the bestseller list rankings, the contest wins or losses, the sales numbers on our latest release or the sundry other successes and failures that define a life. All the must-do’s and should-haves that fill and sometimes clutter our days aren’t what we remember or even care about. In the so-called end, it’s how our lives touched others, how their lives touched ours, that matters–period.

Bon Voyage, Barbara. Congratulations on a Life Well Lived and deepest thanks for all you’ve done to teach me how to better live mine.