Lirez-vous la langue d’amour?

Vanquished, the first book in my Men of Roxbury House trilogy, released in France today! Retitled La Rose de Mayfair (literally: The Rose of Mayfair), the book has a fresh new cover to go with the re-imagined name.

And yes, mes amies, the book is in French!

Arguable French isn’t the only romance language that all but screams Le Sexe. Italian is pretty damned sexy, too. Speaking of which…

Vanquished and its other trilogy partner, Untamed, are slated to release in Italy later this year. I can’t wait to see what the bellas do with the cover art and yes, the titles.

For now, check out my interview with Les Romantiques, France’s hot new romance fic magazine similar to our beloved RT BookReviews. My interview appears on pages 20-21. If you don’t read French, you can at least enjoy the pretty, pretty pictures.

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6 thoughts on “Lirez-vous la langue d’amour?

  1. I like the French version best. But out of all the covers for this series my favorite is tempting. I love that cover.

  2. viva la hope! that is great news and our miss gossip megan byrnes (scene & heard) will be getting a note about this in her front porch inbox.

  3. Thanks for all the lovely, lovely comments, folks! Rob Grogan, as always, you are a sweet, generous soul. Remind me when the Front Porch issue comes out so I can link to you from my Main Page here.

    As the first poster, Diane is indeed the winner of my little impromptu contest announced on Facebook and Twitter. Diane, your prize, a signed copy of VANQUISHED, will be en route…anon. 🙂

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