Happy Bastille Day

July 14th is Bastille Day, the day set aside for celebrating French independence, or the day Parisians stormed The Bastille, that bastion of l’Ancien Regime. No more Lettres de Cachet, no more near feudal era serfdom, no more aristocrats hoarding all the good food and wine.

I’ll be lifting a glass of champers to my happy place of Paris later today as well as to J’ai lu, my Paris-based publisher of La Rose de Mayfair.

Wherever you are, enjoy!

A la prochaine,





Lirez-vous la langue d’amour?

Vanquished, the first book in my Men of Roxbury House trilogy, released in France today! Retitled La Rose de Mayfair (literally: The Rose of Mayfair), the book has a fresh new cover to go with the re-imagined name.

And yes, mes amies, the book is in French!

Arguable French isn’t the only romance language that all but screams Le Sexe. Italian is pretty damned sexy, too. Speaking of which…

Vanquished and its other trilogy partner, Untamed, are slated to release in Italy later this year. I can’t wait to see what the bellas do with the cover art and yes, the titles.

For now, check out my interview with Les Romantiques, France’s hot new romance fic magazine similar to our beloved RT BookReviews. My interview appears on pages 20-21. If you don’t read French, you can at least enjoy the pretty, pretty pictures.

A la prochaine,