In Convo with Finola Austin + IRISH EYES Book Giveaway!

Before we all scattered for the Thanksgiving holiday, I chatted with historical fiction author Finola Austin AKA The Secret Victorianist about my inspo for Irish Eyes, what I’m working on now (hint: it’s the sequel!), and killing my darlings, namely, two prologues, neither of which made it into the final book.

Pop on over to The Secret Victorianist to read the interview, then sign up for Finola’s monthly newsletter to win a copy of Irish Eyes *and* a copy of Finola’s brilliant historical novel, Bronte’s Mistress. One lucky winner will receive both books. Giveaway closes December 7th — the Irish Eyes Release Day!

Happy Bastille Day

July 14th is Bastille Day, the day set aside for celebrating French independence, or the day Parisians stormed The Bastille, that bastion of l’Ancien Regime. No more Lettres de Cachet, no more near feudal era serfdom, no more aristocrats hoarding all the good food and wine.

I’ll be lifting a glass of champers to my happy place of Paris later today as well as to J’ai lu, my Paris-based publisher of La Rose de Mayfair.

Wherever you are, enjoy!

A la prochaine,