Lady Jane’s Salon: Welcome to a New Year

If you’re in the New York City tri-state area for the New Year holiday, please join us on Monday, January 3rd for Lady Jane’s Salon. Our guest readers this month are three great historical authors: Lisbeth Eng, KT Grant and Delilah Marvelle. Visit the Lady Jane web site for event details.

Wishing you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.


Bringing Back Sexy…A Romance Novel for Obama

My fellow Harlequin author, Geri Krotow’s World War II set category romance novel, A Rendezvous to Remember, may be sitting on the presidential night stand “as we speak.”

The recipient of said signed book is Michelle, not Barack, though he definitely gave it a thumbing through. “This looks sexy,” he said.

The President thumbing through yes, a romance novel.
The President thumbing through yes, a romance novel. Photo:Kristi Stephens

Not only is the First Lady making The White House a waddle-free zone for the first time in fah-ev-ah–or at least since Jackie Kennedy’s day–but apparently she’s making the Free World safe for yes, popular fiction.

For the juicy rest of the story, including more photos, read Wax Creative founder, Emily Cotler’s report for The Huff Po.